The Youngest Bulgarian ski resort – Bansko

Bulgarian ski resort Bansko is one of the youngest ski resorts in Eastern Europe. The name of the town of Bansko comes from the old Bulgarian word Ban, which means in Russian – the owner.

Despite its youth, Bansko is developing dynamically enough due to the intensive investment in the development of infrastructure of the resort. Ski resort Bansko enjoys high popularity with skiers from Russia, CIS countries, Greece, and, of course, with the Bulgarians themselves.

Bansko is situated on the southwest of Bulgaria among the Pirin Mountains. Places here are very beautiful, stunning scenery. Winter in Bansko is long and summer is short-lived. Proximity to the capital of Bulgaria, the excellent climate, a stable snow cover during the long “skiing” season make the ski resort of Bansko affordable and attractive to fans of skiing and snowboarding from around the world.

In Bansko will be not only interesting to ski or snowboard, the resort is also interesting with its attractions, museums, it is a beautiful old town.

How to get to the ski resort of Bansko
Ski resort Bansko is located 170 kilometers from the Bulgarian capital – Sofia, and about the same distance from another equally famous Bulgarian city – Plovdiv (110 km).

If you’ve arrived in Sofia, then get to Bansko is not a problem. The regular buses from three different bus terminals in Sofia (Central, Western, or Ovcha Kupel) will bring you to your destination in about 2.5-3 hours. You can take a direct or through flight with a stop in Bansko. Buses run from early morning until about 15-17 hours at intervals of half an hour or an hour. Costs this pleasure about 13-14 levs for one skier, well, and the rate to your currency count yourself.

Does not suit the bus? Please! Transfer to 1-3 (car passenger), 4-8 (minivan) pesengers will cost on average about 100 euros.

Ski season in Bansko begins in mid-December and lasts until mid-April next year. Stable two-meter snow cover during this period provides comfortable skiing.
Ski slopes, ski elevators, ski passes
Bansko ski resort is located at an altitude of 936 meters above sea level. There are 15 groomed slopes of total length of 65 kilometers on the altitudes between 1100 and 2500 meters. Ski trails are served by 24 elevators, 10 of which are for children. During high season on New Year’s Eve be ready for long exhausting queues to the elevators! At this time in Bansko is always very crowded.

The longest slope (Todorka) reaches 2570 meters. There is a park and a halfpipe for snowboarders. The ski resort Bansko has slopes for beginners and snowboarders, as well as for experts (2 black slopes).

The main area of skiing is called Shiligarniki, located 12 kilometers from the town of Bansko. Halfway to Shiligarniki, you can take a skibus to another ski area called Chalin Valog. Fans of freeride also will not get bored, Bansko provides the pleasure of skiing on snowy powder.

Accommodation in Bansko ski resort
With accommodation at the resort there are no problems. There are many hotels, apartments of varying levels of service. In addition there is the possibility of settlement in inexpensive guest houses. For example 4 star Hotel Gardenia.

Entertainment at the ski resort Bansko
The resort certainly abounds with traditional Bulgarian restaurants (mehana) where you will be treated to delicious national food and wine. Reached the evening and not tired? There are nightclubs at your service, ready to accommodate you until morning. For those who like active rest there is a swimming pool, sauna.

Have fun and casual walks through the narrow winding streets of Bansko. There are many architectural sights of the 18-19 centuries: the church “Holy Trinity”, “Assumption,” the bell tower, the museum Neofit Rilski, Nikola Vaptsarov house-museum. In addition, in the vicinity of Bansko there are a number of cultural and historical sites and monuments. Be sure to visit the ski resort of Bansko!

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