Bansko – ski resort

Bansko is a popular ski resort 160 km from the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. They come here to rest bright and rich and at the same time not to spend a lot of money. Recently this place was recognized as the most economical ski resort in the world. For those who can not ski, there are professional schools – experienced instructors will teach you how to ski and snowboard within a few days. Besides active rest there is a lot to see here in terms of architecture. The ancient churches and unique beauty park will not leave anyone indifferent. In Bansko there are a lot of night clubs, restaurants and cafes with delicious and hearty Bulgarian food. So, in this cozy town with its narrow streets and charming little houses you just don’t get bored – no matter how old you are 20 or 70.
Bansko is one of the resorts of Europe, where the ski season lasts a very long time. The first tourists, who want to go skiing, start coming here at the end of November, and this “snow show” goes on till the end of April. And during the rest of the months in this ancient town you can enjoy the unique architecture and unique landscapes.
In Bansko live over 13 thousand people. Besides Bulgarians (over 80%), you can often find here Turks and Gypsies. At the background level are presented Russians, Armenians, Chinese, Greeks, Romanians and Ukrainians. Languages spoken are Bulgarian, Russian, English, German and French.
A brief history of Bansko
Bansko is a town in southwest Bulgaria. It is situated at the foot of the Pirin Mountains and claims to be quite ancient. Indeed, archaeological excavations in this area suggest that the first settlements existed in Bansko during the late Roman Empire, that is, in the 500s. Unfortunately, no other evidence of that period in history has not survived.
It is known that from the founding until 1912, Bansko was a partially autonomous city within the Ottoman Empire. The special rights of the territory consisted in the fact that all matters were decided here by the Council of Elders, although the judicial power was in the hands of the Turkish judge. The First Balkan War (1912-1913) brought serious changes to Bansko – the city became part of independent Bulgaria.

Service sector and the tourist business was originally the main for this area, where actively built ski slopes, restaurants (mechans), hotels. Natural features of the landscape, of course, only contributed to this. The Pirin Mountains and Todorka Peak are spectacular scenery and a snowy paradise for tourists.

In 2003 there appeared a modern gondola elevator, which allows you to comfortably get to the beginning of the descent. The constant introduction of the latest technology in the industry make Bansko an advanced and popular ski resort. It is no coincidence that stages of the World Cup skiing are held here. European tourists just love these places and call them a snowy paradise.
The best time to go to Bansko
The ski season in Bansko lasts from December to April. Therefore, skiers prefer to rest here at this time. In winter the average temperature in the mountains usually reaches -18 ° C. Bear in mind that directly at the elevators is always warmer by 4 degrees than in the epicenter of action – at the top of the slopes. Tourists appreciate this place for the fact that during the week you can ride on different snow: rolled, freshly fallen and wet. Thanks to the dynamic changes in the weather, a full range of experiences is guaranteed.
Most visitors come here during Christmas and New Year vacations, so many people prefer to come here in the middle of January.

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