Bansko – People.

Here in Bansko live about 8400 people. Of these, 60% of the population are local Bulgarians, 10% Germans, Austrians, 20% Russians, 10% Romanians, Moldovans and Cigan. Most of all I liked the grandmothers, who sit near their houses in the afternoon or in the afternoon, on the benches. This is a special layer of population, these are old people who have lived their whole lives in Bansko. Respect for the elderly is in first place here, old people are respected. When you pass by these people you want to bow and be sure to say DOBR DEN! They respond with a bow in return and the same way they say hello, such a kindness! Men, we can write a lot about this category of people … Men in Bansko and not only in Bulgaria, this is a special caste of people! They are not just men with a capital letter, they are managers, they know how to work and relax, they know how to keep the house clean and tidy. The men in the family Bansko is the head of the whole family, he is the boss, if he is the head of the family, everyone obeys him. Most of the work the men take on their shoulders, the house, the household, machinery, business, where the head of the family is a man, there and in the home and business order. The women living in Bansko, it’s not just smart, beautiful, and able to manage the household. They are beautiful in a special way, they have the right European features, the ability to get along with others. There is harmony in the family and respect for elders and husband. Many women occupy leading positions in Bansko, they are smart and principled in their work. Seeing these fragile creatures and want to admire them! In Bansko, quite a few women who are engaged in business, they are not only beautiful, elegant, but nature has endowed them with even mind m sagacity.V Bansko, in each family by 1-2 children, all children are naturally beautiful and have a good temper and gentleness of character.V Bansko many schools, kindergartens, colleges, technical college.

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